The future of weightlifting, young promises.

For some, weightlifting is just rough people who raise many kg, for others it is a sport and for a few it is their philosophy of life. After the last medals of Lidia Valentín, the weightlifting has taken a certain protagonism in the sports press. But, how is the future of the sport? Is there a quarry? The answer has a proper name or rather, proper names. Let's talk about two of them, the first of them is Noelia Caballero.

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Five Viking curiosities you may not have known

Beyond popular belief, the Vikings were far more than mere barbarians who plundered villages, terrified the seas, and committed atrocities. It is well known that they were merciless, cruel and fearless warriors. How did this small community become so feared and achieved great achievements? Many say that they got it for their intelligence, others believe that it was for fear of nothing or anyone or even for their incredible ability to navigate but the truth is that according to studies of historians were the sum of these and other factors that gave Fame to these intrepid warriors.

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Our debut

On November 28 of 2015, the second edition of the Battle of Zama took place, a competition organized by Crossfit Scipion in Reus, which we took to make our debut. We went to Tarragona carrying our flags and prepared to offer athletes and public a sample of what we are going to offer.

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